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Be A Megafan! WUL Jersey Fundraiser

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a WUL Megafan! These ultra-limited edition Breakmark jerseys are the ultimate way to represent your favorite team and player while helping to fund their 2023 season. Support Utah Wild in style as we prepare to kick off the 2023 WUL season. These ultra-limited edition Megafan jerseys will sell out fast, don’t wait to place your order.

Sales open at 9 AM PT / 10 AM MT on Monday January 30, 2023. Sales will close at midnight PT on Friday, February 10, 2023 or upon sell-out of a player’s jersey, whichever happens first.


Q: How much are they? A: Short Sleeve: $150 / Long Sleeve: $175

Q: How does this purchase help fund my favorite team? A: A whopping 60% of the purchase price goes directly to teams to help fund 2023 operations, including player pay and travel expenses. (To put it in perspective, typical retail clothing profits are only around 10% of the purchase price).

Q: Is this my team’s new 2023 jersey? A: No, this is a totally unique, ultra-limited edition design for this season only that won’t even be offered to players, it’s for Megafans ONLY.

Q: How many are available for each player? Depends on the team, but a very limited number will be manufactured per player, per team. Once an individual player sells out, there will be NO more available to purchase (so don’t miss out)!

Q: When will I get my jersey? A: Sales close on February 10 at midnight Pacific time. Jerseys will be made to order and shipped by the end of March. Actual arrival date depends on a variety of factors, including your shipping address and chosen shipping method.

Q: Why are these priced differently from replica jerseys? A: Your purchase of a Megafan jersey helps to fund your favorite team, and the Western Ultimate League’s 2023 season. Historically, women’s sports have been underfunded and under-exposed. The Western Ultimate League is here to build a decades-durable infrastructure that pays athletes, coaches, and support staff what they are worth. But right now, we’re building from the ground up. This limited edition merchandise is just one way we’re working toward a profitable, sustainable professional sports business model.

Q: Should I just donate money to the league or my favorite team instead? A: You totally can! But then you wouldn’t also have a dope jersey to show your favorite player how much you support them! Interested in helping to keep our broadcasts free in 2023? Our GoFundMe is a great way to help.

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