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Utah Wild Inc is proudly a 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to advance visibility, equity, and high-quality competition for
diverse women and nonbinary players through the sport of Ultimate
. We work to
connect with local communities and cultivate sustainable relationships to support the equitable growth of sports within the Mountain West.


Foster a community in and around the Mountain West.


Strive to create inclusive environments through equitable policies.


Show leadership in our community and encourage historically minimized people to attain leadership skills and positions.


Be open and flexible to change and growth.


Remain aware about the environmental impacts of our actions and take action aimed at protecting the environment.


Bring awareness of Ultimate to more people and adapt our understanding of Ultimate to accommodate new groups of people.



Increase visibility of professional women and nonbinary athletes and Ultimate locally, regionally and nationally.

Provide high-level Ultimate playing opportunities for women and nonbinary people in the Mountain West.

Grow and develop the Mountain West Ultimate community of players, fans, coaches, and leaders.

  • Increase the number of girls, women, and nonbinary people playing ultimate by offering clinics and building community partnerships.

  • Lower the financial barrier to entry through financial and gear scholarships for youth and college players in the Mountain West.

Create an inclusive environment that encourages participation of people of all races, ages, genders, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs, parental status, and abilities both on and off the field.

  • Work to dismantle systems of white supremacy and oppression within our organization and Ultimate community.

  • Champion the humanity of LGBTQ+ people by upholding and accepting the self-identified sexual orientations and gender identities of all players, coaches, employees, organizational members, volunteers, and community members.

  • Respect the choices of players and organizational members to opt out of participation for religious commitments.

  • Collaborate with full time caregiver and parent athletes regardless of orientation, to develop individualized solutions that enable them to participate while meeting care-giving responsibilities.

Foster leadership for women and nonbinary people in professional sports outside of playing by providing volunteer, coaching, operational, and organizational opportunities.

Recognize and offset the environmental burden of team travel and merchandise through operational and/or volunteering efforts to lessen our contribution to climate change.

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