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Utah HB 257 and Utah Wild Events

In the 2024 legislative session, the Utah state legislature and Governor Spencer Cox passed House Bill 257 (HB257). The bill has been called an “Anti-LGBTQ+ Bathroom Ban” by the Human Rights Campaign, as it would “restrict access to changing rooms in government owned or operated facilities for transgender people of all ages.”

The Western Ultimate League and Utah Wild are doing everything we can to support the safety, identity, and well-being of our athletes, staff, and supporters. Unequivocally, we believe in the humanity of trans people and that they deserve to live comfortably in the spaces that align with their gender identity. As we prepare for opening weekend and the launch of our WUL season, we have put together the following resource to address questions or concerns regarding how this might impact any teams or individuals traveling to Utah for games. Please also feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns at


  • Date passed/effective: 1/30/2024

What does this bill say?

  • In publicly owned or controlled buildings, people have to use the changing room corresponding with their birth sex

  • For trans people who have undergone primary sex characteristic surgery and legally amended their birth certificate, they are allowed in the changing room that reflects their sex

  • Publicly owned facilities are not required to comply with the restrictions outlined in this bill until May 1st, 2024, but the bill is in effect as of the date passed and there could be consequences for trans people at any time moving forward

  • According to the ACLU of Utah, there is no legal consequence in the new law for transgender or non-binary people in Utah using restrooms in government owned buildings that match their gender-identity, there are only penalties for people who use the bathroom for improper purposes or who engage in prurient behavior

Publicly owned buildings you may be in during your time in UT:

Salt Lake City Airport

  • Per the ACLU, bathrooms are not the same as changing rooms. That said, all bathroom areas in the Salt Lake City Airport have a family bathroom adjacent to the men’s and women’s restrooms, trans people or any concerned parties can utilize those single occupancy private bathrooms

Highland High School

  • Utah Wild is hosting our Beehive Bash game on 4/13 against Seattle Tempest at Highland High School. This is a publicly operated high school in the Salt Lake City School District

  • Each team will have a private locker room with bathrooms attached for use by players. As a private event, these spaces will not be considered public changing areas

Regional Athletic Complex (Ski Town Classic)

  • This field complex is owned and operated by Salt Lake City Public Lands

  • Per the ACLU, bathrooms are not the same as changing rooms. That said, the bathroom building has a single occupancy family bathroom. Trans people or any concerned parties can utilize that bathroom and encourage cis players to keep those bathrooms available and accessible (you can wait in line! Prioritize our trans community’s safety.)

Utah Wild Games at Judge Memorial High School (3/23/24 and 5/18/24):

  • This is a privately owned and operated high school. The legislation only applies to public institutions and cannot be enforced here

  • Teams will have access to private locker rooms with bathrooms attached

  • Public port-a-potties are single occupancy and not gendered

Recommendations for visitors:

  • First and foremost, prioritize comfort and safety. If a trans person does not feel safe in Utah, we do not encourage them to come to Utah

  • Utilize the buddy system in public spaces like the airport if desired by your trans teammates or loved ones

  • If you, a teammate, or loved one would like to have local allies drive them around and provide a safe home to sleep at, please contact the Utah Wild (

  • If you, a teammate, or loved one would like to discuss this law or the environment on the ground in Utah with a local queer person, please contact Utah Wild (

Consequences for violating the restrictions in this bill:

  • A person could be arrested under the reasons of: criminal trespassing, lewdness, voyeurism, or loitering

  • Reasons listed above are all classified as Class B misdemeanors

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