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2024 WUL Schedule

Games will start on March 23 with the final weekend of the regular season taking place on May 18-19, with Championship Weekend happening on June 1-2. Despite a smaller sized league for 2024, the schedule remains largely similar to past years. Utah Wild will play in the Northwest Conference with Colorado Alpenglow and Seattle Tempest, while the Southwest Conference will feature San Diego Super Bloom, Arizona Sidewinders, and the Bay Area Falcons. Each team will have six games in the regular season, with three at home and three on the road. Of those six matches, four will be in-conference, with every team playing both home and away games against their conference rivals. The remaining two games will be played against out-of-conference competition, with each team missing one cross-conference matchup. As in 2023, the two top teams from each conference at the end of the regular season will advance to Championship Weekend, location to be announced.

The Wild's schedule is below! Keep an eye on our website for tickets, watch parties, and more!

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