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Congratulations to Paige Kercher and Molly Robbins for being voted the Western Ultimate League Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year!

About the Awards:

At the end of the regular season players, coaches, and media were given the opportunity to vote for WUL MVP, OPOTY, DPOTY, BPOTY (Breakout Player of the Year), and CSOTY (Coaching Staff of the Year). In each category, two players from each WUL team were nominated by the WUL leadership based on their statistical performance throughout the regular season. Stats such as offensive and defensive efficiency, usage rate, completion rates, throwing and receiving yards, block rate, etc. were used to determine which players were nominated from each team. All roster players and coaches across the league were then given the opportunity to vote.

Paige Kercher: Offensive Player of the Year

Kercher's performance in 2023 was nothing short of extraordinary! Her 3970 total yards (throwing + receiving) not only led the league, but surpassed the next highest total by over 1000 yards. In the regular season she was tied for 1st in Assists with 23, ranked 1st in Usage and Points Played, and ranked 4th in Offensive Impact Score, Effective Yards per Turnover and Receiving Yards per Possession.

Stylized graphic showing Paige Kercher holding a disc with the text offensive MVP behind her.

Her ability to consistently make an impact on the game is truly remarkable. Paige stood head and shoulders above the competition with an average of 496 yards per game, outpacing the second place player by almost 100 yards!

Her field awareness, precise throws, and uncanny ability to create scoring opportunities have made her a force to be reckoned with on the field. Opponents game plan to spot her and they can't. Congratulations Paige!

Molly Robbins: Defensive Player of the Year

Any way you slice it, Robbins is the queen of defense! She led the league in regular season blocks, recording an astonishing 19 blocks (11 more than her 2022 season). Molly also is 1st in the league in Blocks per Game, one of only two players to record a block in every regular season game, and ranked 4th in Block Rate. She is the only player in the league to be in the Top 5 in each of these categories!

Stylized graphic showing Molly Robbins knocking a disc away from an opponent with the text defensive MVP behind her.

Her ability to disrupt opponents' plays and protect the endzone was a game-changer for Utah Wild, and undoubtedly fueled us is making our first Championship Weekend appearance this year. She will tell you it's all team defense, but we couldn't have done it without her. Congratulations Molly!

Other Awards

Kaela Helton of San Diego Super Bloom took home WUL MVP, Kez Gisell of the Arizona Sidewinders took home Breakout Player of the Year, and the San Diego Super Bloom coaching staff took home Coaching Staff of the Year. Congratulations to all of these players and coaches on an exceptional season! You can learn more about the finalists for each award and their achievements on the WUL Instagram.

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